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Busing for Beavers

What else could you call relocation of 76 beavers in Idaho in 1948, except busing for beavers? We recently heard this story, which came courtesy of the Boise, Idaho NPR station. The funniest things are occasionally true, true things are often funny. (At least we think they are.)

Of course, The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire couldn’t sleep until we commented on this exciting bit of history.

And leave it to the vivd imagination of the panda kindergarten, to see a parallel between the 1948 Beaver Air-Drop and a possible solution to the current rat problem that new York City is facing.

Uh oh! It's the panda kindergarten and they have a plan!

Uh oh! It’s the panda kindergarten and they have a plan!

Over here Mr. Kitty! We have a surprise for you!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda