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Where Are The Real Pandas?

Well, it has been a little crazy busy around here, BUT, knowing it was going to get crazy busy, I got a little bit ahead on ‘toons for the weeks past. But of course, now my surplus is about to become a deficit. So I must ask: Where are the real pandas?

“If one more person asks….”

Oh those red pandas! They are such characters!

Oh those red pandas! They are such characters!

In other news, I have met (and hopefully recruited) a new young panda fan to the fold. If you are reading, Liam, welcome to the pandasphere! If there is anyone nicer to meet than a young reader, it is a young reader who loves pandas! Huzzah! Hope you didn’t drive your mom crazy on the way home quoting The Panda Chronicles Book 1: Your Brain on Pandas. That would make me feel terrible! (hee hee)

Keep being the bear! It’s almost Pinky’s (and Bubba’s) Birthday! Plans must be made! cakes must be frosted! Huzzah!

Bob T Panda