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What? Did You Say You Want More Muppets?

Did you say you thought that right wing TV “News” show hosts were complete fools, picking a fight with Miss Piggy?

I thought that’s what you said!

You would think they would know better than to pick a fight with Miss Piggy!

Back to our regularly scheduled story next week!

Be the bear, and stay safe out there!
Bob T I-really-think-I-am-a-Muppet Panda

Oh how the wind did blow!

As you probably noticed, the Tuesday ‘toon was not only late, but totally missing in action. We had some wild wind, starting Sunday night and continuing on through Monday evening.

I expected the power to go out sometime Sunday night, so was pleasantly surprised to still have electricity on Monday morning. LOTS of time to finish ‘Tuesday’s ‘toon …hahahaha!

Not so much…

Life on Whidbey is full of power outages, although these days they are mostly not as long or as frequent as they used to be. But all the rain and then high winds took many trees down where they landed on wires. This wind was one of the more fearsome ones we’ve had in a while, and while branches bounced off the roof, no trees fell on my house or driveway. Okay, so there was one that missed my house by about 15 feet and took out some big rhododendrons…

But here I am talking about me, while you are waiting for your ‘toon!

Who doesn’t like making fun of Ted Cruz?

Did I mention how much I love the Muppets?

What I really want to know, is did Ted Cruz’s daughters get mad at him for attacking Big Bird?

And remember! The good thing about me being late is that there will be a new ‘toon tomorrow too!

Be the Bear!
Bob T stay-out-of-trees-in-a-wind-storm Panda