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Otis (the fuzzy one, anyway) is INNOCENT

You might have noticed a little radio silence these past couple weeks. I was on a little vacation from the inter webs, as I made my last visit to see our beloved DC panda family. For those of us who live far from DC, the fact that the DC pandas are moving to China is somewhat abstract. I rely on the photos and videos of those who live close by to keep up with all the goings on of Mei Xiang, Tian Tian, and of course, Bikkie.

There have been pandas in DC all of my adult life. I feel lucky to have gotten to see them so many times, even if it is a mere blip of time to those who live within panda proximity. They will be missed mightily. Until we have pandas again, we will have to get by with other bears. I live just far enough away from the Pookies that I don’t get to visit them often, but hope to make another visit or two this fall.

I was inspired by recent news reports to write this ‘toon for Otis, Fat Bear Emeritus of Brooks Falls. No matter what the nooz reports say, Otis is innocent!

The destruction in Acapulco is tragic and terrible, but couldn’t they have found another ‘O’ name for the hurricane?

BTW, in the US, we go back to Daylight losing time, despite the efforts of those who have tried to put us on permanent Daylight Saving Time. Alas…maybe next year. As such, as it is the tradition here at The Panda Chronicles, I rerun my much loved ‘toon:

Fabulous Furry Friday KNOWS that this is one of your favorites!

Be the Bear!
Bob T go see the pandas before it’s too late Panda