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It’s Election Day…not the, ya know, Big One, But Still Important

The world is insane. Don’t forget to make a little less insane, and get out and vote.

Mehitabel is still trying to school Bob on being a good citizen. Good luck with that!

BTW, I am not ignoring the fact that our DC pandas are heading to China. I am in denial, or more like, not quite sure how this will manifest in The Panda Chronicles. I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

Please remember to vote today. Whether it is for school board or your city council, it’s all important. And really, don’t vote for Pinky. (Don’t tell her I said that)

Be the Bear
Bob T I voted and my ballot has been received Panda

Celebrate My Birthday season By VOTING!!!

Yes, yes, there should be cake too, but as today is Election Day in many states, nothing would make me happier than knowing you voted. Well, knowing you voted AND I got a nice big piece of cake with lots of frosting!

Fezbook lists November 1st as my birthday, but it is really just the first day of my Birthday Season! My Birthday season goes for a while yet, so if you missed wishing me a happy day yesterday, you still have LOTS of time! So much time! So much CAKE!!!

let there be cake!

But now, for our feature presentation for today (remember that whole Election Day thingie?)

Democracy is at stake!

Be the bear!
Bob T Birthday Bear Panda