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Pandas Celebrate Banned Books Week

Can we make this kind of stuff up? No we cannot. It is Banned Books Week, those scandalous literary tomes that send some people scurrying for their zippo lighters, and no books make censorious individuals fan the fierce flames of fascism more, than  books that celebrate….

The Literature of the Panda?????

Yeah, right.  But to celebrate all banned books, we bring you an encore presentation of some of Bob T’s works of literary genius! Huzzah! Where’s my zippo?

Bob's first foray into the realms of literature ...

Bob’s first foray into the realms of literature …

What could be more fun than blobbing...I mean blogging?

What could be more fun than blobbing…I mean blogging?

If any book should be banned....

If any book should be banned….

And lest we forget that there STILL is no MacArthur Grant for Panda Satire....

And lest we forget that there STILL is no MacArthur Grant for Panda Satire….

In my non-panda-satirizing time (what little there is of that,) I’ve been reading the new book by Elizabeth Bird, Julie Danielson, and Peter D. Sieruta, Wild Things: Acts of Mischief in Children’s Literature, which is a great read in honor of Banned Books Week. It’s full of untold scandals, books that were banned (and burned!) quite often by people who hadn’t actually read them, they’d just heard there was something naughty about them. It’s quite an eye opening read, especially if you thought children’s literature was all fluffy bunnies and sleepy kitties.  Not only that, but it is giving me a great reading list of books I want to read. I highly recommend it…um…when you are done reading The Panda Chronicles, anyway.

Hope you are having a happy banned book week! Read something naughty today!

And speaking of Books to be Banned, the fifth book in the Panda Chronicles series will be coming out next month! Huzzah! If you want a sneak peak at the cover, make sure you are signed up for my newsletter which I swear I am going to write and send out next week. Look for the link at the top of the right hand column that says:


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Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda