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Canadian Pandas are still on the move!

Don’t you hate packing to move? I know I do. What to take…what to leave…what to toss…what to donate? And when you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a Torch Bear, well! I know what I’d rather do!

Don’t forget your Mr. Bun, Yip!

Packing is such a chore! And a surprise visit from a friend can make it go so much faster!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Thanks to all who have already gotten their copies of the lates Panda Chronicles book! Get yours today!

Pardon our technical difficulties

Oh Cwap! I screwed up!

I really, really thought that I had set up a post for Sunday, but the weekend was kind of busy, and all I can say is that my brain was obviously overloaded and…I just forgot. Or to be more accurate, I thought I had done it, but I didn’t. So…does that qualify as a technical difficulty? I throw myself on Pinky’s mercy! Fortunately, I have not been hauled off by the authorities for inappropriate humor, so there’s that! and now you get a little giggle on Monday evening!

I’ve heard through the Twidder grapevine that Pinky is writing her own state of the Union (or “Uniom”) address and just between you and me, I think Pinky’s address will be much more fun, interesting, and coherent than He Who Must Not Be Named’s address. Are people taking bets as to whether he will stay on script (using his petulant, somewhat whiny “I’m reading someone else’s words because mommee said I had to” voice) or blast off into an incoherent rant?

I hope someone will tell me because I will not be watching.

Let Pinky be Pinky!

Thanks to everyone who emailed me or sent me a twidder message to make sure I was okay. I really love you guys! You make this crazy situation our country is in more bearable. (Bearable, get it?) Thank you for being here.

Viva Les pandas!
Bob T Panda

And don’t forget! Pinky’s new book is out there and ready to come home with you! Huzzah!

Right now #216 in Books> Graphic Novels & Comics!!!!