A Salute to Pandas (What, you thought I was going to say “Penguins”?)

Salutations! Wow, here we are, all the way to “S” on the fun and fabulous A to Z Blog Challenge.  I don’t know what number “S” corresponds to, because I can only count up to four, having only four paws.

So, silly of me to suppose that a Salute to Pandas (please sound trumpet or saxophone every time I say, “Salute to Pandas” preferably with some sound effects) could be sabotaged  when everyone knows that pandas are sacrosanct. I mean, it would be sacrilegious to sacrifice the Salute to Pandas by subsuming it to some less salubrious day. We sacrifice the simplistic and saccharine in subservience to the satirical and the sarcastic. We see no schadenfreude nor schmaltz as we scamper and schmooze through our schedule.

Here’s a sample:

Sochi Winter Olympics, Pandas

I keep hearing the song “bears on the Run” going through my head…the ski run, that is!

And a day without the Dance of the Sugar Plum Pandas is just not worth starting.

sugar plum pandas


sugar plum pandas


I bet you smiled.
And what could be better than pandas recreating Shakespeare?

After all, the playings the thing....

After all, the playings the thing….

And of course, pandas have their secrets!

The secret lives of the wild panda!

The secret lives of the wild panda!

And last, but hardly least, who could resist the Scottish Panda Kindergarten!

The Scottish pandas

Save some pie for me!

Stay tuned for tomorrows A to Z installment!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda!

6 thoughts on “A Salute to Pandas (What, you thought I was going to say “Penguins”?)

  1. Cara

    ‘When a panda meets a panda coming with a pie?’ Genius, although I’m sure Panddi Burns must be twizzling in his grave.

    Also, the word ‘scamper’ always makes me smile when applied to Pandas. And haven’t seen the panda ballet before, but the thought of pandas in little satin slippers will amuse me all day.

    By the way, my partner would like to kill you for posting ‘If I were a Panda’ again the other day. Can’t get it out of my head and he’s threatening gaffer tape….

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Bwahahaha! My cunning plan is working…um…at least I think I had a plan. Best to buy stock in companies that produce gaffer’s tape!

  2. Vicky Vladic

    Scottish Pandas, Song & Dance Pandas, Skiing Pandas, Scout Pandas, Socialite Pandas, Scoundrel Pandas …
    Such a Surfeit of Stardom and So Sensationally Satisfying!


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