The Return of Inspector Panda…

Huzzah!!! Inspector Panda, with his superior intellect, his detectival abilities, his snappy wardrobe, and his snappier patter is sure to solve this latest mystery.

Yeah, right.

IMHO, it is time for Inspector Panda to take his rightful place, in the pantheon of fictional detectives.  Look out Inspector Lynley, here comes Inspector Panda!  Whaddya think?

Mei xiang and bao bao try to cover up highway-gate

Inspector Panda is on the job!

Exciting news! The Panda Chronicles Book 4: The Book of Wu is now out!  It should be available on Amazon later this week. Huzzah!

The Book of Wu!

The Book of Wu! Huzzah!

Be the bear!


19 thoughts on “The Return of Inspector Panda…

  1. Tai Shan - Sooperpanna

    Dat widdle sistur is taking after da Sooperpanna mores and mores ebber day! When I gots too big to pway turtle wif dat bwack tub I moved on to da kiddie pool dat dey puts da fwootsickows fwom hebben (youse hoomins call it snow and a few odder 4 letter wordz dat I can’t say because da Mommy Monstur will hunt me down and gib my mouff a baff wif da soapz..) Doan fink youse is bean owiginal widdle sistur, da Sooperpanna has been dere and done dat awweady!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      PP: must be why mommee won’t let me call you. do you know where mommee hid my magical wand? i…um…need it for…uh…doing stuff. don’t tell mommee i can talk to you hear. she is still mad at you for giving me my magical wand. she said “dat boy is putting ideas in your head!” but mommee doesn’t know dat da highway ting was all my idea. um..don’t tell no one ’bout that, ‘kay?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      This may be part of Inspector Pandas dark, tragic past. He has battled for years with his cuppycake addiction, and these cases that test his resolve not to be tempted…

      “It was dark when I woke up. My head ached and there was some sticky running down my fur. My head felt like the panda kindergarten had been having soccer practice with it. I touched my paw to the wet place on my throbbing head. I gave my paw a sniff. It was just as I feared. Chocolate buttercream frosting. God only knows what devastation I left behind in some bakery.”

      1. laurie27wsmith

        “God only knows what I did while high on frosting, have I left any paw prints. Will they find the tongue marks all over the cinnamon buns in the window. Oh the pain, the guilt, why didn’t I stick to snorting bamboo shoots? Oh that’s right they kept getting stuck in my nostrils.” 🙁

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          “…small flashbacks keep popping up in my head…red velvet cuppycakes, chocolate filled butter-creams…what’s a bear supposed to do? I have appetites, you know. Once I had eaten a couple dozen, I must have blacked out. And now…there’s this case and the case involves a princess with penchant for power…”

          1. Panda in Chief Post author

            Maybe we should copy and past them into both places. Kind of fun. I don’t know how many people read the comments here. I’ll go over to the thread and copy and paste them here.

          2. laurie27wsmith

            Snap! “Ouch…. Hey that hurt.”
            “Sorry, Spector Panda, me didn’t know the lastic band was loaded, hmmm cuppycake crumbs.”
            I tried to ignore the bedlam being created by my, err, eyes and ears of Panda Canyon. From where I lay on the floor all I could see was crumb filled ears and frosted noses. “Stop it! Pandas to your posts, oh and help me up.” The woman, where is she? What is she doing in my cupboard? “Excuse me, did you say Princess?” Putting a pack of frosting sugar back on the shelf, she rubbed the powder off her nose and walked towards me. “That’s exactly what I said big… sorry Inspector. Princess Pinky, I need you to find her before she’s panda-napped, by…. Oh I can’t…” Pushing my hat on I sat back at the desk, a giggling coming from behind me sent a chill up my spine. “Snicker, snicker, dis is funny, does it really say, Detecting for Dummies?” – “Ho, ho, look at dis magazine, Panda Ladies Love Frosting, ooohhhhh.” Turning I snatched the training manuals from them and yelled, “Back on the streets Panda cubs, get out there and detect.” I turned back to my visitor, “Now Miss?” – “It’s Mrs, Inspector, Mrs Felicity Doors. Wife of the greatest computer hacker ever known, Willie Doors. I think he’s going to take Pinky and turn her into a… I can’t bear it, a super-hacker.”

          3. Panda in Chief Post author

            This is a big case! Princess Pinky herself, in danger of panda napping, and being the vehicle of Willie Doors’ fiendish plan! A super hacker! This is a fiendish plan indeed!
            The pandy kindy headed for the door. “Not so fast!” I said as I grabbed my Detecting for Dummies training manual out of one of their frosting covered little paws.
            “The pages are all stuck together! Which one of you was eating cuppycakes as you read this?”
            “it was da black and white one” they snickered, as they rushed from the room.
            Sigh….what’s a panda have to do to get good help? I turned back to my new client, but she was still nosing around in my cupboard. “Hey, that’s private property!”
            “Are you talking to Moi`? I was just checking to see if this frosting was past it’s pull date. It doesn’t last forever you know.”
            “You know Pinky is guarded by the Secret Service,” I said. Willie won’t be able to get within 100 yards of her….unless….”

  2. Vicky V

    “sneak sneak” – so cute 🙂
    I hope Inspector Panda doesn’t develop a Scout Cookie Addiction – but somebody has to buy/eat the Twinkie Scout Cookies!!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Well, yeah, and besides, I can quit the cookies any time I wanted…I just don’t want to…yet.

  3. Cara

    Bert and Ernie’s concerned little faces in frame 4. Priceless! And is that a little flirtiness I see in the eyes of their momma bear when confronted by a big, handsome bear in a trenchcoat? I think so…but what panda wouldn’t be tempted by a brave detective who …smells of chocolate frosting.

    How did Pinky Bao Bao get to be quite such a naughty girl? Her poor momma resorting to manuals to tame her. Tsk tsk!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Oh who DOESN’T love a man in a trench coat that smells of chocolate frosting? I think the twins are right to be worried, what with mom fluttering her lashes at Inspector Panda, not to mention, the way he was eyeing the Panda Scout cookies.

      As to Miss Pinky Bao Bao, We will post a cartoon for Fabulous Furry Friday that reminds us of how, just maybe, our little princess has been aided and abetted in becoming a force to be reckoned with.

  4. aske55

    Princess mutant ninja panda at your service! Despite her misgivings she’s becoming cuter and cuter.

    Love the twins, they are so precious.

    I order my book of WU from Amazon. I’ll get it Thursday. Don’t you just love Prime!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thank you for ordering your book! I mean my book…oh, heck, you know what I mean.
      I’m preparing a little recap of some of the princess Pinky cartoons, so we may assess how we came to this sorry state. A misbehaving Princess, indeed. Oh well. It’s much funnier than a bunch of very well behaved pandas, don’t you think?

      1. aske55

        I think they’ve all become more endearing with your lovely cartoons. Thanks for sharing with all us Pandaholics. Is that a word yet? It should be….

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          Yes, I believe “pandaholics” is a word. although spell-check has some misgivings about it. Can’t say that I blame them. But heck, I’m a pandaholic and proud of it.


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