Once again, we predict reality on Fabulous Furry Friday.

It was bound to happen, sooner or later! As you may recall, we launched the idea of a panda clan tartan a full two weeks before the Edinburgh Zoo announced that they had commissioned one.

And now, British Airways has painted one of their jets just like the one that I drew more than 4 years ago, for PandAir Airlines, the only airline run by and for pandas. How do you like them cuppycakes?

bears in the air...

bears in the air…



Pandas have a better idea...

Pandas have a better idea…

notice the stylish design....

notice the stylish design….

please have your tray table in their upright position for take-off...

please have your tray table in their upright position for take-off…

...and most of all, don't panic.

…and most of all, don’t panic.


see, doesn't this look just like British Airways' new paint job?

see, doesn’t this look just like British Airways’ new paint job?

I rest my case.

I rest my case.

You’ll notice the older, less polished style (and very poor image clean-up skills, I might add) of the cartoon, which makes my point, I said it first.  Really, all these corporate entities should check with me before they launch these things!

Well, till next week, when we predict the next trend in panda themed promotions,

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda






8 thoughts on “Once again, we predict reality on Fabulous Furry Friday.

      1. Tai Shan - Sooperpanna

        Wet’s see…my own personal NASA T-38 Sooper Sonic jet fing, da FedEx Panna Expwess, and da Space Shuttles Discubbery, Atwantis, and Endebber. Da Sooperpanna and da X-Man are da bestest panna piwot doods on and off da pwanet!

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          Needless to say, I am reassured and relieved that it will be safe to walk outside with you and the X-Man piloting planes. Um…do you think you could get those other pandas grounded? It would be your gift to humanity. And pandas, of course.


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