On the Eight Ball…or at least the magic Eight Ball….

Those of you who have been following the pandas for a while know that I like to make the occasional “fine art” joke or reference and this series is no different.  A few years ago I saw some of the prints by famed Japanese artist Hokusai that were part of the Thirty Six Views of Mt Fuji series, created between 1826 and 1833. French and American impressionists were very influenced by Japanese prints, so much so that French artist Henry Riviere created his series Thirty Six Views of the Eiffel Tower, which I also had the privilege to see at the same exhibition where I saw Hokusai’s prints.

But what the heck does this have to do with pandas and panda satire?  I have decided to dedicate this series to those artists and call it:

Twenty six Views of Cake.

"Madame Babette sees all!: I see cake in my...er...your future!"

“Madame Babette sees all!: I see cake in my…er…your future!”

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

Who says you can’t learn something from pandas?

4 thoughts on “On the Eight Ball…or at least the magic Eight Ball….

  1. ginny Snyder

    You know of course, that we know that you know that you are sneaking in some art history course work… You may not know how very much fun you and all the panda crew have made it to review… and so now you know… and we know you know.. oops this is where we came in methinks..


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