Lucky Seven! a feature length cartoon, for your viewing pleasure.

As you know, I am particularly fond of “making it up as I go” and the “planning” for 31 days of pandas is no exceptions.  So the panda and cake theme will continue tomorrow (while I narrow down the choices for a non-contoversial “F” word).  I had already decided that at least one day a week I would post a full (NEW!) cartoon, starring the full Panda Chronicles cast, including Mehitabel, of course!

The idea for this cartoon is rooted in reality, as while on a recent trip, I was watching TV while following the news of Hurricane Sandy and the last days of the presidential election.  A 5 second clip of panda toddlers at one of the panda ranches flashed on the screen, and I spent the next…um..well a while… waiting for the pandas to return…

Sigh….they never did.

It is a very good thing I don't have regular access to television!

It is a very good thing I don’t have regular access to television!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda!

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