Oh this is 22 and my paw is on your shoe….

Well, it’s a good thing the month is almost over, because I’m running out of clever ways to avoid saying “30 days of Pandas, day 20-whatever.”  It should now be obvious that this is a tribute to the video, “Pandas on a Slide” which was one of the first I watched, and then completely pushed me over the edge to Panda-mania, till I had absolutely NO choice, but to have a cross species transformation and become a panda,myself.  Bring on the cuppycakes!

30 days of pandas day 22

Be the Bear

Bob T. (maybe a bonus cartoon today later!) Panda

6 thoughts on “Oh this is 22 and my paw is on your shoe….

    1. Bob T Panda

      No, he’s sitting on the steps to the top of the slide. Isn’t he just precious? You can’t believe how much fun they are to draw. (I think I can hear them talking to me, but don’t tell anyone.)

    1. Bob T Panda

      Thank you! The more I watch videos of Po and the other pandas, and the more I draw them, the more personalities come out. It’s almost like getting to know them. (In my mind, anyway)


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