Mr Wu Goes Rogue

Really, it is getting extremely…um…naughty pandish around here. Princess Pinky is on a rampage, getting on 60 Minutes, being interviewed by Oprah…where will it all end????

And now, Mr Wu, who has always been such a good little panda, at least in comparison to Princess Pinky, is giving unauthorized news reports on ZooNooz. Okay, so Mr. Wu went on a whole bunch of adventures with the panda kindergarten, and all, but now that he’s gotten a good job as Inspector Panda’s assistant, we thought that he would walk the straight and narrow.

Even the real life Mr. Wu has been a bit of a bad boy lately. Taking a page from his brother Yun Zi the destroyer, no doubt!

An election recap from Mr. Wu...

An election recap from Mr. Wu…

Perhaps Mr. Wu has been hanging out with Pinky just a little too much.

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda

By the way, not only is today Mr wu’s actual Birthday, it is also World Tiger Day! Mehitabel says Huzzah! Here are some bonus tiger cartoons to celebrate the day!

Much better to take a selfie with pandas!

Much better to take a selfie with pandas!

You know we're just kidding about this, right?

You know we’re just kidding about this, right?

11 thoughts on “Mr Wu Goes Rogue

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Mehitabel is here nibbling on the corner of my ipad. You do NOT want to cross Mehitabel. Friday will be a big Wu wu celelbration! Wu-hoo!

      1. Winky Cat

        Are you sure you aren’t using Mehitabel’s “icat”?? I’ve caught Cee using my “tabby-let” numerous times! Looking forward to the big Wu celebration!

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          Mehitabel says: an “icat”? Why don’t I have one of those? The pandas get everything around here, and no one ever thinks to get the cat anything. This will not stand. Even a tabby-let would be a useful thing to me. And where is MY cake? why should Wu get two parties with presents? This. Will. Not. Stand!!!!!

          1. Winky Cat

            GASP! Mehitabel, how do you manage to do “ZooNooz” without the newer, portable devices for “paws on the ground” mobile reporting?
            Perhaps you are using a “cat-top”, but they can be awkward when on the move to quickly cover an exciting story!

            I highly recommend a large 9-10″ screen tabby-let, less chance for “paw error” and no need to squint to see ‘portant cat stuff!

            Demand your “Cat Rights” or swipe the credit card info, go on-line, and get it your “Mehitabel-self”!

            (When’s your B-Day? We’ll make sure you have cake, treats, presents and more!)

          2. Panda in Chief Post author

            Mehitabel says,” yes, it is disgraceful what they give me to produce both a high quality news show, as well as my more intimate interviews on Mehitabel tonite! I hope to have Cecil’s family on the show, after they are out of mourning. (Assuming they survive.) i need my funding for the show reassessed and increased.
            “Those pandas have taken too much of the funding for far too long.”

          3. Panda in Chief Post author

            “By the way, the only cat-top i have is a thrid stop paw me down, running Windows 98. It is a disgrace,” says Mehitabel.

  1. Winky Cat

    OMC! And I thought we were antiquated! Until a couple of weeks ago, Cee was using an old desktop running Windows XP, that crashed with every paw tap, and couldn’t do ‘mojis. Finally “convinced” her {don’t ask!} to get a “new” {refurbished/off lease} ‘puter running Windows 7 Pro for a meow! She’s happy, I’m happy, we’re ALL happy & I can do ‘mojis!

    I will be watching to see your interview with Cecil’s family. Now it’s rumored that Cecil’s brother Jericho may have also been killed! How much more can this poor feline family take? Would love to catch that dentist, in a dark alley somewhere, with some of my less “domesticated” feline friends…. Grrrrr!

    Yes, something MUST be done about your funding. As much as I luv PP, it would be to everybody’s benefit to increase the funding for ZooNooz! (Hmm, wonder if Mattie can get some funding from the Smithy….)

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      The pandas get the latest (well, only 4 or 5 years old, any way) apple devices but they don’t share them with me. This will not stand. (Not for long, anyway.)


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