More from the private emails of pandas!

Since no one has caught us yet, we will continue to publish personal emails that we have …um… hacked into through the Panda Network.  (you didn’t know there was  a Panda Network, did you.) Here are the next group of emails that we have managed to transcribe:


firstpanda@nationalzoo.bear to : Yes I know you wanted a little brother or sister, but I still don’t think they would have let you come home.  Have you made any friends yet? to firstpanda@nationalzoo.bear: Aw mom, the other pandas talk with an accent and I can’t understand them half the time.  Last night they short-sheeted my bed and hid my toothbrush. So, in answer to your question, I have most definitely NOT made friends.


gracelandpanda@memphiszoo.cute to firstpanda@nationalzoo.bear Hey I just talked to Elvis and he said not to worry, there’s going to be a whole lot-a shakin’ goin’ on and we will both have our little cubbies.  And just ignore Lun Lun when she asks if you started packing yet.



Firstpanda@nationalzoo.bear  to surferbear@sandiegozoo.beach : That was a really sweet offer, Gao Gao, but I think Bai Yun would rip my ears off if I even looked at you sideways. Not to mention Tian’s feelings would be really hurt.


surfermama@sandiegozoo.beach to Firstpanda@nationalzoo.bear : You better believe it, BooBoo.

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