Mea Culpa! It is the day of “M”

Mmmmmmmm….me thinks there may be many messages and mottos that my minions might merit, starting with the letter “M”  And of course, we must not forget Mehitabel!


But just a moment…there are monumental Machiavellian maneuvers and maledictions in the making. On Monday, oh malicious Monday, the Pulitzer Awards of Merit were made public.

Did you know there is no Pulitzer awarded in the field of Panda Satire?????? Likewise, those misanthropic mucky-mucks at the MacArthur Foundation also have marginalized Panda Satire as if it were miniscule rather than mighty.

Why IS there no MacArthur Fellowship for Panda Satire, anyway?

Why IS there no MacArthur Fellowship for Panda Satire, anyway?

Nice to know that there are at least two times a year when panda satire can be overlooked, spring and fall! My oh my!

Meanwhile, motherhood is in the air, as the panda season of love continues.  But you might want to think this through lest mischief manifest itself. Enjoy this episode about how Princess Pinky got her Magical Wand.

National Zoo cub makes mom Mei Xiang disappear


Princess Pinky is fooled by Mei Xiang at the National Zoo

Oh Princess Pinky, mom has a trick or two up her paw, I think…

Thanks again to the folks who made the A to Z challenge manifest itself in such a marvelous manner. What a merry madcap mis-adventure we are on.

Thanks to all who have checked out my books here.  Who wouldn’t want to take the pandas home with them?

Till tomorrow, may we meet again!
Be the bear,
Bob T Panda



8 thoughts on “Mea Culpa! It is the day of “M”

  1. Ann Feldman

    My favorite two cartoons…Pinky getting her wand and then crying when she poofs mama. So tiny and adorable and so different from the “real” Pinky Bao Bao who now loves to play in rain and mud and wrestle with her mama!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      That is one of my favorites as well. She starts to develop her pinky-personality here. I love her little tantrum and all the promises she makes (which she then immediately forgets!) I glad the real life pinky Bao Bao is not afraid of a little mud and rain. She has been completely adorable.

      1. cyndi

        Much malady and Mischiefff! Many Mwahaahaaaas and Muffalattos (only thing I could think of that begins on M. *pitiful*)

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          The day (or days) before any letter, I can think of all sorts of words starting with that letter. on the day of? Not so much. Mwahahaha!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope all the pandas behaved themselves.
      Also, greetings from a fellow SCBWI member from across the pond, as it were. (well, across the pond, over the river and through the woods.


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