Let’s have some more MEIHEM!

Oh, yeah… the meihems are on the warpath, so Pinky better watch out!

Inspector panda

Will the twins get a merit badge for their road trip? will Lun Lun fess up to where the girls are? will Inspector Panda get a clue, or at least more twitter followers. Stay tuned!

Bao Bao, washington DC cover-up

Oh, Pinky…what have you done?

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Inspector Panda!

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

14 thoughts on “Let’s have some more MEIHEM!

  1. Val

    Now that Pinky has won the “most iconic in the Smithsonian” summer showdown, mama (and pandas everywhere) best bow before the might of her powers!! (If she can change the twinkies and Po into girls with her wand, she can rig a little contest, right?) lol

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Could you POSSIBLY be suggesting that Princess Pinky used…um…”unorthodox” methods to win the Smithsonian summer Smackdown? I’m SURE she would never stoop to using her magical wand powers for something like that…I mean, she is a princess…and…um..well, never mind. Let’s just keep this between us. No sense alerting the judges and getting Pinky all riled up if someone questions her win and her integrity, right?

          1. Val

            Lol. In the interests of “full disclosure”, I seem to remember voting for the little cutie. . .

          2. Panda in Chief Post author

            I…um…may have voted for her..um…several times. The magical wand must have made me do that.

    2. Anna

      It goes back to the day when Mama Mei handed her the Smithsonian magazine with the Princess on the cover… Pinky knew then that we’re all in PINKY’s power now! No wand needed, her sweet face is enough!

      1. Panda in Chief Post author

        I’m afraid you are right. Mei should never have shown her the magazine. There is no stopping Pinky now. Have a cupcake.


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