It was the 14th day of December…..

Today, as promised, there is a full, feature length cartoon for your panda-ing pleasure, but before we get to that, there is an announcement from our sponsor, The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire and Leaping Panda Press.  (It is a very fun thing about the internet, that you can just declare you are something or someone, come up with some spiffy computer graphics and voila`! You are now The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire, and before you know it, everyone just accepts that as fact.  Is this cool or what?)

As you probably know, the first collection of cartoons from the Panda Chronicles was just published and as faithful readers of the blog, you deserve a little something extra in your Christmas stockings.  Until the 31st of December, you can now order The Panda Chronicles Book 1: Your Brain on Pandas  here  and get a discount of $2 per copy by using this code:


Meanwhile, here is today’s feature length cartoon!   Huzzah!

What do you MEAN I didn't win?

What do you MEAN I didn’t win?

And speaking of Kickstarter (wait, who was speaking of Kickstarter, There is a fun project with just under 48 hours to go from a fellow cartoonist who has created a dry erase refrigerate magnet comic strip, so you can write your own dialog.  He has a last “stretch goal” and if he reaches it, he’ll make a bunch of his magnet cartoon strips to donate to Boston Children’s Hospital.  What a good guy!  Check out his project here!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

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