If you’ve already seen this cartoon run away now!

Since not everyone who visits here has visited our Kickstarter page, (hint, hint)  I am running the cartoon I used as the update yesterday here.

Thanks to all who come here to play with bears!  With your help, we can send the panda kindergarten home to live with you.  (“Wait..um…did you say the panda kindergarten was coming to MY house?  Um… I’m going to be out of …um the universe for…a while.”)

But before we get to our feature presentation, may we send out a big pandy congratulations to my brother, who just completed the 31 plays in 31 days challenge, writing plays based on (are you ready?) The Scottish Panda Cartoons!  Huzzah!  You can read all about it at his blog, Exit, Pursued by a Lark  http://chasbelov.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/the-world-is-now-31-plays-erm-richer/#comment-801/  I just about spit out my coffee, just reading the titles.

And now, for much ado about pandas,


So, will there be panda cartoons of the Scottish Panda Plays?  I hope so!   I’ll have my people call your people..or is that my bears call your bears?  We’ll do lunch.

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

oh yes, here is the obligatory kickstarter link:



6 thoughts on “If you’ve already seen this cartoon run away now!

  1. chasbelov

    Thanks for the plug. I think the panda kindergarten got hold of the link, though (or maybe Mehitabel sat on the keyboard).

    Yes, let’s do lunch. Cuppycakes for all as bamboo is too hard on my teeth.


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