I think there needs to be some sort of “panda a day” thing for December, don’t you?

You are probably not aware of it, but did you know that December is the month of the Panda?  Right now you are thinking, she’s making this up…I just KNOW it!  And, um…you might be right.  But if it isn’t really the month of the panda, don’t you think it should be?

So here is my December challenge to myself:  To post a drawing of at least one panda per day during the entire month of December.  It has to be a NEW drawing or cartoon…no cheating by posting a re-run.  It can be a single panda, or it can be a “cartoon in progress.”  I haven’t yet decided if it should be one big drawing like the 30 days of pandas drawing last year….well, I have until tomorrow to figure it out.

What could be more fun than a car full of pandas?

Meanwhile, my work table is overflowing with books to be sent to all my Kickstarter supporters, and my plan is to have them all mailed or delivered before the end of next week.  Huzzah!  Then I can get back to painting and doing the 31 panda drawings that I just committed myself to.  (The pandas made me do it!)

Time to climb aboard the panda car!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

8 thoughts on “I think there needs to be some sort of “panda a day” thing for December, don’t you?

    1. Bob T Panda

      Actually, I ALWAYS find I have bitten off more than I can chew! It’s how I get things done. give me a challenge and even if it’s impossible, I’ll just plow on right ahead. It’s The Way of the Panda! Huzzah! (apologies to Henry for stealing his title. :o) )

  1. Grammmie

    Did you think we didn’t know you needed to be Committed???? This should have been done ages ago~~how did you fool the shrinks all of this time????? Love grammmie

  2. ginny Snyder

    A) Did you really think you were passing all this time? hmmm. delusional.
    B) Late-comer’s question: Is that a picture of the FEZmobile or does the vehicle have another moniker?

    1. Bob T Panda

      A) No, I really din’t think I could ACTUALLY pass for normal, although I was hoping…..
      B) Yes, that is the Fez Mobile, other wise known as the “Fezbook Mobile App” Notice the exquisite styling and the doorknob door latch!


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