Friday already?

Fabulous Furry Friday seems to roll around faster and faster, doesn’t it? Hmmmm. we seem to be in a Pinky and Meihem twins mode this week, so lets just continue with that line of thought.

This cartoon was inspired by one of my friends (now in real life) Judy Young, of the infamous Pinky fan club, who gather sometimes daily at the National Zoo to observe the actual Bao Bao Princess Pinky panda, mostly climbing up the dreaded hemlock, but sometimes frolicking for the pandarazzi.  The photo that inspired this was not of Pinky, playing with bubbles, but a group of children having a blast blowing gigantic bubbles and chasing them over the grass. I though Pinky would enjoy this activity.

Oh dear....are you going to leave her there?

Oh dear….are you going to leave her there?

The next cartoon was inspired by an internet quiz, “What Kind of Cuppycake are You?” That’s easy.  One that’s got lots of …um…frosting.

I have extra frosting!

I have extra frosting!

Pinky will be back on Sunday! Don’t keep her waiting!

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda

5 thoughts on “Friday already?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Oh yes, I really should have known better, but they told me that they had reformed. Sigh. I’m sure next time they will be very well behaved, don’t you think?


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