For MEEEEEE? Oh, you shouldn’t have…..

Happy Valentines day from Bob, Babette, Mehitabel, and, of course, the Panda Kindergarten.

Be the Bear!

Bob T. (what happened to those chocolates?) Panda

6 thoughts on “For MEEEEEE? Oh, you shouldn’t have…..

  1. M-Lou

    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, Babette, Mehitable, Panda Kindercubbies and Bob T! May you be blessed with lotso cuppycakes and chocs!
    – Auntie M-Lou, Panda Boy, Li’l Tai and Li’l Auntee

  2. Linda McCoy

    Happy Valentine’s Day. May you never run out of Panda cubbies, chocolates and drawing pencils. Yippeeee……..

  3. taishansooperpanna

    Today is Bow and Tines Day, where you find dat speshul sumbunny, bow toward dem, den poke dem in da hiney wif a pitchfork fing!… weast dat is whut I fink happens…..da Sooperpanna is beary confoozed.


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