I feel truly Fabulous on Fabulous Furry Friday

…because my kickstarter project is doing so well in the first two days. As of last night we have passed our initial funding goal, but are we stopping there? No we are not! One of the things that Kickstarter advises, is that you ask for the bare (or ‘bear’) minimum that it will take to both do your project, and fulfill your rewards.  This is because it’s an all or nothing deal.  If you really need $10,000 or the project can’t happen, It doesn’t make any sense to give you the $5,000 if that’s all you’ve raised, because then you can’t do the project, or fulfill the rewards, and then people get kind of snarky. (For good reason)

But, if you’re thinking ahead, there are always more parts to the project than you’ve first presented, and if you make secondary goals, maybe you can do some of them too, if you raise enough money. So get on over to the project, and sign up for a book or some original art.  There will be some new rewards later today as well as some clearly stated additional goals.

Of course the panda kindergarten wanted to lend a hand with the fundraising, and who am I to say “no”?  (Nobody says “no” to the panda kindergarten!)

fundraising on Kickstarter

Ha ha! George Clooney… where do those little pandas get these ideas?

But just because we are doing well, it doesn’t mean that we are out of the woods (or that we are doing what bears usually do in the woods!)

The panda kindergarten has been SOOOOOO helpful in past campaigns:

Says Babette de Panda:  "It's all about MOI` "

Says Babette de Panda: “It’s all about MOI` “

And here’s a little something from the panda kindergarten as they celebrate valentines day…

How splendiferous is chocolate? Let me count the ways

How splendiferous is chocolate? Let me count the ways

6 thoughts on “I feel truly Fabulous on Fabulous Furry Friday

  1. Cara

    So thrilled that this has gone so well for you, the project looks amazing.
    would really love to pledge and be part of it all – unfortunately the cupboard is very bare just now, but please accept this big basket of good wishes for a successful outcome, and thanks for all you do on Panda Chronicles – the new cartoons are my favourite time of the week.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Not to worry, Cara. I know all about bare (not to mention bear) cupboards. I’m just glad you come here to the panda chronicles to see the new pandas as they come off the drawing board. If you have other panda obsessed friends you could still help me out a bunch by sharing the project with them. There are all kinds of ways to help, and thank goodness they don’t all require big bags of money.

  2. aske55

    I must of read these cartoons a dozen times. “The cat gets it…” that’ll never get old. What a riot. I have two rescue kitties that poor Mehitabel can come live with is he needs a vacation. Anyway, great job, can’t wait to read more of your work in the future. I’ll have to stop in the Gallary on Whidbey next time I’m over there too.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thank you! I have to admit, I get slowed down when I am setting up the books, because I have to stop and reread all my cartoons. If you do stop by the Rob Schouten Gallery sometime, do tell them you are a “friend to bears.”


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