Fabulous Furry Friday: the classics….

what to do, what to do….why don’t I present some of the ‘toons from the way-back machine, when panda satire was young….

Oh those polar bears! What jokers they are!

Oh those polar bears! What jokers they are! This remains one of my favorites!

And then there is um….cake.

yoga for pandas

All salute the sacred cuppycake!

What do you mean, "Other guests?"

What do you mean, “Other guests?”

can't I have just one more cuppycake?

can’t I have just one more cuppycake?

And love of cake is not limited to pandas….

Thanks again to Henry Nicholls for alerting me to this story

Thanks again to Henry Nicholls for alerting me to this story

Have a fabulous furry friday!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

7 thoughts on “Fabulous Furry Friday: the classics….

  1. candygai

    Mehitabel Tonite is must see television around this household. We do so love the the coverage provided by their ace journalists. I can just picture the stomping of the Princess Pinky’s little “feets” as she accuses a fully grown Mr. Black, or was or was it Mr. Brown, Bear as her precious pink princess panda party may have been interrupted. Either way, he would have been a very Mr. Big Bear for such a tiny, precious, precocious Pinkster to admonish.

    News reporting aside, my favorite cartoon in this edition of Fabulous Furry Fridays! embraces a concept most dear to my heart. What do you mean “Other guests?” I have always wondered why so many other people felt I needed to share my Birthday Frosting. I thought that depending on the quality of the cake and ratio of cake-to-frosting, the cake can just be a manner of presenting the frosting. Now initiated by Bob T Panda, I realize Cuppycakes are the the perfect presentation and proportion of yummy cake to delicious frosting.

    I only exercise so I can eat more Cuppycakes.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Mehitabel Tonite! Is must see TV around our house as well, if only because Mehitabel turns on the. TV (filmed before a live audience for later broadcast so she can watch heraelf) and sits in front so we can’t turn it off.
      I wouldn’t want to be the bear who messed up Pinky’s party, no matter how small and cute she may appear.
      And yes, the “other guests?” Comment comes directly from my inner frosting loving soul. I think I could be a person….um…bear…who could eat a whole cake, if only someone would let me. More frosting is better, and is the ONLY reason to exercise.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      They do speak to me. I don’t know why this became so, or why at this point in time, going on 8 years ago. I only know that they do.
      Yoga for pandas is one of my all time favorites, partly because I have been doing yoga longer than I have been drawing pandas and still chinchanga to upward facing panda is still a challenge for me. I need a cuppycake.


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