Double the Pandas, double the fun…

How can Pinky compete against this????!!!!????!!!

Of course both sets of the Cublanta panda twins had to come up with a crowd pleasing program for the Winter Olympics! Who knew that they would come up with such a brilliant routine?

Four pandas are better than two.

And in other news, (from an undisclosed location) shock ways have been going around the world since the Global Panda Awards finished their voting period and Pinky did not win. Anything. Oh the pain, the pain, the pain.  I can’t even.

Pandas shall overcome,
Bob T Panda

3 thoughts on “Double the Pandas, double the fun…

  1. billieandhersite

    This is so cute! I love that the Meis and Six and Sebben are competing. Ping loves his doggie suit, and Pinky and Bubba sit this one out! Made me smile and say Huzzah!
    By the way, I have not really thanked you properly for my gifts as a result of your China trip. I love taking them out and just looking at them! Thank you!
    On the home front here, Mommee Mei Xiang is acting very strange. She is pacing her yard, lying outside in the rain and fog, making sounds to Tian Tian that I have never heard before. I wonder if she is going into estrus early. Last year was in May, and when she had Bei Bei,
    Estrus came in May. Very strange actions going on. She has roared! Do pandas go through menopause? I don’t remember lying out in the rain and fog. I do remember roaring!
    As a former teacher, I am so proud of the kids who are taking a stand on gun control. I am so sorry for the families of the kids and teachers who were killed. One movement I really like is various groups are withdrawing support from the NRA. Hit them in the pocketbook; that’s the only thing that gets through.
    Lost a college friend very suddenly from a stroke. Brought back bittersweet memories of our
    Youth and how we were going to save the world through education. I headed for a graduate degree in education, and my friend taught her first year right out of college. I continued, and she married, had children, gave up teaching. We were young together.
    Now before I get maudlin, thanks for all your cartoons, your excellent sense of humor and your ability to make me smile and laugh at your world of pandas!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I’m always glad to listen to people’s life stories. It makes what I do here seem more real in a way…that what I write can trigger those memories of things that we had forgotten.
      I too, am glad that people are speaking out and letting companies know that they do not approve of support of the NRA. I’m glad the Cublanta twins are wowing the crowd at the olympics. I hope they steer clear of the “she-wolf” at the closing ceremonies. I don’t think I could survive the current usurper’s reign were it not for you all.

    2. Panda in Chief Post author

      And yes…interesting behavior over at the panda house. I am hoping for one last cubby or two. Wouldn’t twins be grand? She’s had them before, but maybe this time they will both survive.


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