Don’t Forget to Write!

Frank is off on his new adventure, to be the Practically Perfect in Every Way nanny, Beary Poppins, to the Xiang-Tian children! Will Frank be a match for those lovable scamps?

I guess we’ll see!

Don’t forget to write, and send food!

Frank is off on a new adventure!

Hey, did you vote yet? If you voted by mail and did NOT get a sticker, you could print this one:

Print your own “I Voted” sticker!

Meanwhile, Minch McTurtle and the complicit GOP Senate rushed to a vote to confirm a new, young, extremely conservative SCOTUS Justice, and then went on vacation till after the election, with nary a thought to and more COVID 19 relief packages. Vote them all out! They know they are losing so they took a big 💩on the carpet, on their way out the door.

Be the bear!
Bob T Panda

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Write!

  1. cordeliasmom2012

    Yay. I didn’t get an “I voted!” sticker because I did, in fact, mail in my ballot (and yes, I verified that it was received by the local Board of Elections). At least now I can have a sticker – all I need is some double-sided sticky tape, right?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      A piece of rolled up tape works too, if you don’t have double sided tape. who has double sided tape, anyway? Thank you for voting!


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