I have defeated the evil computer…

…and I didn’t even use a hammer.  It was definitely touch and go for a while, but thanks to some advice from various friends around the interwebs, new software from the scanner maunfacturer, I was able to finally, (FINALLY!!!!!) quit farting around plugging, unplugging, rebooting, ad infinitum and finally, at the end, it was a case of using one cable rather than another. (not that I didn’t need the updated software, but maybe if they had had the link on their website in the first place, AND suggested trying both the USB cable as well as the firewire cable, it might have only taken me three days instead of 6.) Special pandy thanks goes out to Aaron Shepard’s blog, My Mac Fixes for the solution to my woes, as well as Frances and Ann, who suggested looking on Goggle and the support forums rather than running out to someone who would charge me $75 to say, “did you try this other cable?”

Is it any wonder that people are fed up with technology and the people who supply it as well as use it it? Oh, wait…they want me to buy a new scanner! uh huh…


Bad taste alert! BTW I’m lying about never doing it again.

The following cartoon addresses a very tragic incident that happened last week. Yes, I know, it’s not a funny situation, but my experience of the last week leads me to realize more than ever, that people’s nerves are stretched pretty thin, and it doesn’t take much to push someone over the edge.

annoyed moviegoer allegedly shoots two for texting in movietheater

Don’t try this at home….

Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda


6 thoughts on “I have defeated the evil computer…

  1. Ann feldman

    At the Metropolitan Opera they will politely ask for your phone and if you refuse you are asked to leave. Given the price of opera tickets there is rarely a shoot out. I appreciate your appreciation. As a matter of fact last night after many problems with I.E. 11, I took good advice on a GOOGLE site and dumped it.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Good for the Met! It’s a sad commentary that people can’t be trusted to turn off their phones and put them away. I have not caved in the smart phone arena, partly because I can’t afford one, but also, I like to be unavailable at least some of the time. I try to remember to keep my “dumb phone” charged up, but even that is not a given.
      Glad there are rarely shoot outs at the opera. (at least in the audience.)

      1. Ann Feldman

        If you decide to get a smartphone, look into Consumer Cellular. We have a joint plan for $50 per month. You don’t get tons of data time for this, but it’s enough to find out when the next bus is due to arrive and we never come near using up all the voice or messaging. There are about ten options for phones, some pretty reasonable.

  2. Vicky V

    Yes I can understand frustration – so glad our gun laws are tight here.
    I mean we sometimes have water restrictions – so no water guns either 😉
    Glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a smart phone!!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I have a “dumb phone” but the pandas all have mephones. I don’t know how smart they are.


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