Bubba has the right idea…

Be afraid! be very afraid!

It’s really hard not to be. This very week You Know Who dissed Canada and Unka Justin (I mean really???? As If!!!) and after he had such a schmoopy meeting with France’s Macron just a few weeks ago. Allegedly, he needs to go play a few rounds of golf at an exclusive golf club prepare for his meeting with N Korea in Singapore. Auntie Loosilly, lock up the silverware and hide the pandas!

So how are the DC pandas preparing for whatever comes next?

Move over Ping! I’m coming in too!

Tune in again on Wednesday as Pinky gives her new viewpoint on ZooNooZ! and while you’re at it, buy some books!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

10 thoughts on “Bubba has the right idea…

  1. billieandhersite

    I cannot believe what this Big Orange person has done. I feel bitey again. Every body vote in your primaries if you have them this Tuesday. The Congress must be flipped. And get ready for bad news about health care! I do just want to bite something. I am with Pinky! Come on, Bubba and Ping; Pinky needs you! And so does Unka Justin and Yip and Jip! November is coming, and we must be ready to take a stand with our votes! And Auntie Loosilly in Singapore, be cautious!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I feel so bitey I can’t believe it.
      As it appears in all the various video clips:
      DJT lies about the trade deficit between US and Canada on Camera, says insulting things about Unka Justin
      DJT arrives late, to several important meetings
      looks like a schlump
      states that Russia should be allowed back in to G8, because it is so unfair that they were kicked out. (it wasn’t)
      Leaves early because he says he has to “prepare for N Korea summit”
      States he is going to “improvise” because he will be able to read KJU in “less than 3 seconds”
      When Unka Justin says Canada will not be pushed around, DJT’s spokesmoron calls it an attack and “back stabbing”
      Yip and Jip send private helicopter to Singapore to rescue pandas, if needed.

      Did I miss anything?

  2. Miss Demure Restraint

    I’m so glad to see the pandas again. Just what I’ve been needing to lighten up the daily horror we are being forced to endure. I don’t know what happened to my following for the pandas, but I fixed it and look forward to seeing more in my inbox.

    Thanks Bob.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Miss Demure! or was that Miss Restraint? No matter! So glad to see you back again! Where have you been? The pandasphere is here just waiting for your return! I feared you had been one of the fallen, as there are so many who have succumbed to illness and what have you over the last few years, I’ve quit counting. One day someone is here, and the next day they are gone.
      No matter, no, whatever you’ve been doing and wherever you’ve been, I hope you are well now.

      You are here, and that’s what’s important. There are many pandas waiting in the archives to make your acquaintance (some of them are VERY naughty pandas, indeed, as well as an ill mannered cat or two. I hope you have many happy hours, rooting around in the archives.
      Welcome back!

      1. Miss Demure Restraint

        I been out west of you on the coast the last couple of years. That’s if you are still on the island. You are so right about the fallen. I’ve been trying to check in on old blog friends as I can.

        I’ll catch up with Bob and fuzzy ones as time permits. I have a commitment to beach walking and sky watching that consumes part of my time. It’s been critical in clearing my mind and heart and getting back to doing many of the things like blogging that got sidelined.

        See you around.

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          Yes, I am still an islander! The coast is a very healing place, through all it’s moods, be they bright sunshine or an almost impenetrable fog and mist. Beach walking is an excellent form of self medication and habit forming in a good way. Keep your eyes open for the panda kindergarten. They enjoy a romp on the beach as much as anyone.
          So glad to have you back.
          (I did misplace a number of followers when I switched from wordpress.com to a self hosted website, so that may have been the problem.)


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