Beware, Beware! It’s Panda Scout Cookie Time!

I don’t know about you, but the thing I like best about late February and early March is that it’s Girl Scout Cookie time.  Huzzah!.  The bad thing is that I seem to have developed a sensitivity to chocolate, and so cannot consume vast quantities of Thin Mint cookies, as I once could.  Hmm…maybe that’s a good thing. I only got two merit badges (as opposed to “merit badgers”) when I was a scout, and I think one had to do with baking.  Huzzah!  So, I thought that a little organized scouting might be good for the panda kindergarten.  Build “character” and all that.  What the hey.

On my honor, I will eat as many cookies as I possibly can....

On my honor, I will try…to eat as many cookies as I possibly can….

Pass the minty cookies, please.

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

PS: You will notice that I’ve put the countdown to launch week for The Panda Chronicles Book 2: Wheel…of….PANDAS up in the countdown spot!  Stay tuned, because there will be special treats (not cookies…I ate all of them already) for launch week!  huzzah!

15 thoughts on “Beware, Beware! It’s Panda Scout Cookie Time!

  1. Norma Cooper

    Since we could only buy them once a yer my second husband used to have me buy 50 boxes, most for the freezer so they could be enjoyed throughout the year. My baby sister was happy, she could always sell the minimum, and go to camp free for two weeks. If the KINDY sells one box for every box they eat they will be huge pandas before long. Love grammie-

  2. Norma Cooper

    B T W Tuesday, March 19is snow day for all pandas in residence at the SDZoo. They will have the snow when they are released into their yards in the morning, we are inviting everybody to enjoy it with us. We could enjoy it in the sun while watching,,

  3. Norma Cooper

    How about on the Panda Cam-for a bit???
    I cannot hardly wait until tomorrow….it will be WUSDAY again. That is one of the seven most important days of the week. (Pssssssss… is really my favorite….don’t tell anybody, okay???). Love grammmie

      1. Norma Cooper

        Speaking of Babette…..I never did get my dress up paper dolls of Babette. It was supposed to go to my son Greg Cooper, I had him looking out for it, but I am still Babette-less. Could you send it to my regular email address??? Thank You………love grammmie

  4. Norma Cooper

    Babette could visit with our darling Mr. Wu if she wants to see how things are run in our home town.


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