Beary Poppins! The Magic Begins!

There is too much crazy and not enough time to comments, but I’m sure if you really want to know what I thinks, you can find it on Twitter. So much CRAZY!

Meanwhile, at the Pinksonian Zoo..

It’s a boy!!!!

Pinky: I could fix dat if Mommee would give me my magical wand back!

Ahem…anyway, get out the poppy cron! it’s time for…

Beary Poppins, Episode 2!

I can hardly stand the suspense! Who will play Beary Poppins???

Be the bear
Wear your mask
Keep your distance in public
Don’t go to Mittens’ parties!

Bob T Panda

oh yeah…AND VOTE!!!!

6 thoughts on “Beary Poppins! The Magic Begins!

  1. Janie C

    Now this makes me feel a little better. I can only imagine how overwhelmed MX is feeling. Beary Poppins is who we all need. Thanks, Bob!

  2. billieandhersite

    Is Babette going to be the new Nanny? Or is Beary Poppins someone else? If Babette is the new nanny, Mommee might have someone else she will have to watch. Just saying. And Mommee is worn out from Snookums who is such a cutie. Just saying. And be careful if Beary is one of the people who are fleeing the Mittens’ regime.


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