And now, to be completely serious….no, really.

Note: No cats were actually harmed during the making of this cartoon, although they definitely were offended.


Yes it’s true, I am not a cartoon panda (sorry if I’ve surprised or disappointed anyone)  and I really do have a Kickstarter project that still has a long way to meet my funding goals in only 7 days.  I usually don’t cross pollinate my blogs, or the different parts of my creative life, but I’m making an exception here.  Please check out my project at the following link.  Even if you can’t help, maybe the extra traffic will encourage the folks at Kickstarter to give me a little extra exposure, so please visit and recommend to your friends and readers, if you see fit.  Here’s the link:


We now return to our regular scheduled silliness.  You are all the Bears for following the Panda Chronicles.  It’s thanks to you all that I am about to reach 20,000 visits!  (or maybe my brother visited 20,000 times?)

Bob T. (not really a panda, but let’s pretend) Panda

2 thoughts on “And now, to be completely serious….no, really.

  1. Linda McCoy

    Of course you’re a panda. I’d dare anybody to tell me I’m not a panda. In life as in fiction we can be whatever-the-heck we wanna be. Yay


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