And now, live from the Bunker….

So…a global pandemic wasn’t enough for you?

The daily Hate (George Orwell got it right)

Black Lives Matter
Bob T Panda


6 thoughts on “And now, live from the Bunker….

  1. Linda Lawrence

    No words. I feel numb with disbelief. How could this happen? Yet, bracing for more. Could be just the beginning of a long, hot, ugly summer. I’m 18 miles from midtown Manhattan in a “safe” and quiet little community of families who work hard, save, share their time & $ with charities of every sort, & invest for their children’s educations… and is still scarred from losing ~50 of our own on 9/11, and grieving for lives recently lost here to Covid. But yes, it looks like white privilege. The town happens to have a string of high-end boutique shops (Hermes, Valentino, Harry Winston jewelers, etc.) where ladies-who-lunch living in serious-money pockets of Connecticut have their drivers bring them down for the day. Yesterday the shops all boarded up anticipating trouble. So far today only rumors of a crowd gathering nearby & helicopters overhead last night, and police stopping someone with a gas can on the little “Our Town” main street. And this is nothing compared to real and documented violence in so many places across the country. From what I’ve read & heard, it’s still not clear exactly who is adding the dimension of violence to the protests. Not to forget people risking their lives (and lives of those they may later transmit the virus to) by even peacefully gathering to protest during an epic pandemic. November can’t get here soon enough…but there’s still no guarantee of change, which makes this all even scarier. No words. Love.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      When you live in a place of peace and green spaces, the contrast is all that more jarring, I think. As you know, I also live far from the madding crowd, with deer and bunnies, eagles and osprey. But we are not so far from places where chaos is roiling up, and for good reason. I ping (ping!) pong back and forth between appreciating the peace and quiet here, and knowing it could end in an instant. We have to look evil square in the face and say Dis! Will! Not! Stand!!!!

  2. Panache

    Don’t even dare apologize😉
    The Panda Chronicles today is so spot on.
    You captured the Depth of Deprivation & Lack of Human Dignity in this Spoof posing as the Pres of the USA✊🇺🇸

    The character shows how Many Faces of Evil exist in 1 human(?) being🤬

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Well, thank you! I try not to draw Mittens so often, because it hurts my heart to even think about him and let him into my head, for art’s sake. I must go hug a panda now, to remove the stain from my soul.


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