And Now, For Our Rendition of Bear d’Lune…

This news story came across the transom a few weeks ago, but what with all the criming and corruption coming out of DC, It got a little distracting around here. You knew we would not let this story go unremarked upon, by our favorite grizzly correspondents, recently returned from their bus driving adventures!

And now, BearNooZ presents….

Maybe the bear was a fan of Phillip Glass…

Be the Bear!

Bob T Panda

Sock Update!

I just got word that panda socks are headed for the PGS warehouse, which means they should be in my hot little hands by Friday December 6th! If I’ve already received your paid invoice via PayPal, the socks will be headed your way the following week. If you have not yet responded to your invoice, do it now, so you’ll get your socks before Christmas!

2 thoughts on “And Now, For Our Rendition of Bear d’Lune…

  1. Gloria DeFalco

    Not sure if this is where you want me to respond re the socks. Lately I’ve been assuming I had ordered things (panda stuff) and finding out I didn’t. I’m blaming my lapses on the two situations in D.C. – the White House and the empty panda yard where Bei Bei used to be. My brain says I did order one of each pairs of socks. Did I?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Those two things alone can make someone forget if they got dressed in the morning before heading out to the store. (I have NOT done this!)
      Fortunately you will soon have new socks!


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