And Continuing with the Celebration of Wu…

This weekend it is Mr. Wu’s 6th birthday! Because everyone’s first baby panda, the one you watch from the moment they were born, the one you saw in person when he was only 8 months old (even if he slept through most of my visit), that baby panda will always be special. He was the only panda born in the US in 2012 and so, he did not have to share the stage with any US panda cubs for almost an entire year, with the arrival of the Meihems!

Who can forget Mr. Wu’s declaration: Dis. Will. Not. STAND!!!!

Mr Wu speaks out!

Wu had so many wonderful adventures…

Will the panda kindergarten get it put together before Bai Yun gets home?

And then there was the time Mr. Wu ran away with the panda kindergarten to join the circus…

Fanmail from some Flounder?

“Are we there, yet?”

Who can forget, “It’s a WUnderful Life”?

It's a Wonderful Life parody

Repeat after me, “It’s a story” ‘kay?

…or The Wizard of Wu?

Wizard of Oz spoof

But we’ve come such a long way already….Bwahahaha!

What are you waiting for? Order Book 4 of The Panda Chronicles! The Book of Wu!  And while you’re at it, check out my Pandreon page!

Viva les Pandas!
Bob T Panda

6 thoughts on “And Continuing with the Celebration of Wu…

  1. Teresa

    oh, Bob T., I fully understand your feelings: my first panna seen in streamig from very far far far away has been lil’ princess Bao Bao aka Pinky #Adorable #Unresisdabel #SheisaIcon

  2. Aimee Prefers Plants (@Aimee_Abq)

    I feel weird saying this, because I love each and every one of your books, but “the Book of Wu’ is my favorite. So many hilarious adventures and a talking toaster too. I’m so glad Mr. Wu has been allowed to stay in the US. This is his home.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      The Book of Wu has always been my favorite. (Don’t tell Pinky) I think the adventures Wu went on were (if I may say so myself) so spontaneous and original. Plus, even though he often got into trouble (that darn panda kindy!) he always remained good natured. Pinky…well, Pinky is her own bear. I have no control over here. I think you’ll like the Pandyland Mysteries too, if they ever get published.
      I’m not confident Mr. Wu will get to stay here for the long run, but I’m glad we’ve had him for 6 years. Fingers crossed for the future. You can be sure we won’t hear anything until a contract is signed, if he is going to stay.


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