Ah springtime, when a Panda’s thoughts turn to….

…appearing on a talk show and airing your dirty linens in public!  Um…that was it, wasn’t it?

"Why didn't we stay home?"

“Why didn’t we stay home?”

* The little “incident thingie” was revealed to us by an enthusiastic panda-attendant at the Edinburgh Zoo last year.  She related the “getting acquainted” foible that occurred when Sunshine and Sweetie got to meet at the “Howdy Gate” shortly after their arrival in Scotland. Rumor has it that Sunshine got so excited at meeting his new lady love, that he did a pandy-handstand right then and there, and…um…peed in Sweetie’s face. Needless to say, this is not the way to impress girls. (Do NOT try this at home.)

I did not make that up.

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

and BTW I am getting closer to finishing Volume 2 of the Panda Chronicles.  Here’s a sneak peek at the cover.  Whaddya think?

Wheel...of ...PANDAS! coming soon!

Wheel…of …PANDAS! coming soon!

12 thoughts on “Ah springtime, when a Panda’s thoughts turn to….

  1. taishansooperpanna

    Da Sooperpanna unnderstands dat cuzzin Ya Ya and cuzzin Le Le in Mem-fuss were “pwayin leap-frog” and listenin to Barry White music dis afternoon. Sumbunny toad me dat dis is where cubbies come fwom, but da Mommy Monstur toad me dat Chinese cwanes bwing dem, just wike da storks!

    1. Bob T Panda

      I too, have heard these rumors of monkey business in the panda palace at the Memphis zoo. Pay them no mind, Sooperpanna. your Monstur Mummy is ‘xactly right. Baby pandas are produced in an offshore factory near Taiwan, and are delivered by “Crane mail.” Pay no attention to the bears behind the curtain.

  2. PandaPower

    Babette must be absolutly releived that “lucky” panda lovers everywhere will get to admire her “goreous” panda face. I hope we won’t be hearing anymore complaints from her! Then again, she never does seem satisfied, does she? 🙂

    1. Bob T Panda

      It’s true…whatever praise and glory is heaped upon the lovely Mam’selle dePanda, it never seems to be enough. She doesn’t exactly complain, of course. No, that would be beneath her dignity. She just gives her head the slightest of turns, gets a pained looked and sighs, and we know we have committed some crime against her most lovely of selves.
      “I was an artist’s model in Paris,” she reminds us. As if we could forget.
      I hope being on the cover will satisfy her for a while.

      1. Norma Cooper

        I can tell you she has a sense of humor. While hanging out with her she convinced H I H Bai Yun that I needed a BAFF, then giggled every time Bai held me down and tickled me like she does to her cubs. She knows that is not my favorite kind of BAFF. Someday, someday, I will turn the tables on her…just ask my kids if I have a long memory………….

      2. Norma Cooper

        That is the proper way to announce Her, is it not? We must give the devil her due, do we not? And let’s face it, that makes the other Queen Pandas subservient to her, and makes all food by her first choice.

        1. Bob T Panda

          Yes it is absolutely proper to address HIH Bai Yun in this manner. She is the Queen of American pandas. Let’s hope the rumors of her permanent retirement residence in San Diego are true.

  3. Norma Cooper

    Love the prominence of Babette de Panda, and the KINDY. Does Bob get into the book at all??? I can hardly wait for my new book, I missed so many things when I was sick. Will your third book be almost exclusively about the adventures of Mr. Wu. I see him so often near your fine hand. When you travel will you be taking the Panda KINDY with you??? If you had not had time to think about these details you can think about them all the time now. If you have not heard from the KINDY, you will soon, they may pester just a title……love grammmie

    1. Bob T Panda

      Yes Bob (and even Mehitabel) are well represented in book 2. After all, some one has to fetch and carry Babette’s many things and bags of shopping. As you know she was very upset about only having one cartoon in Book 1, so she is much more well represented here. As for book 3, it will not be all Wu, although I may decide to give him his own section. I won’t start planning that book until later in the summer…must get #2 on the road first. It would be fun to have a book called “The Book of Wu,” though.


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