You may be wondering…..

…about that little box that has a countdown to “Project Launch Day”  (which is at 15 days, even as we speak)

But what does it all mean?

Well, oh lovers of panda satire, it means that I finally have enough panda cartoons to self publish some actual printed books of The Panda Chronicles!

Pandas have long been active in literary pursuits

So, having had one successful Kickstarter project under my belt for a fine art printmaking project, I decided that the time has come to let the pandas take the stage!  Huzzah!

My cunning plan is to make it a fairly modest project, so that if I only get enough funding to do the first book, I will be able to take the time necessary to finish formatting the cartoons for print, do all the book-y stuff that I’ll have to do to make The Panda Chronicles Book 1: Your Brain on Pandas a reality.


If I get overwhelming support, so that I go above and beyond my goal amount, it means that I can do all three books for whichI already have completed cartoons RIGHT NOW THIS VERY MINUTE.

But what can I do to help?”  I hear you all saying in the background?  Well, of course I will be exceedingly grateful to any of you who choose to pledge at whatever level you can afford.  Even a whole bunch of $1 pledges move me closer to my goal (and make me look really popular to the Kickstarter staff.)  But what would help a lot, is if all of you who love panda satire the way we do it here, would tell all your friends about my project.  Now, I’m not launching it for two more weeks, because I still have some pieces of the proposal to get into place, but don’t worry, I’ll remind you.  In the meantime, there are still a few Panda Olympic events that need to happen, so keep tuning in.

Here’s what my project profile picture will be, so you know what to look for….

And of course, the panda kindergarten can’t WAIT to help with this project…..

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

18 thoughts on “You may be wondering…..

  1. mskatykins

    This is wonderful news for Bob T and the Pandas – very well done! So how do we donate? 🙂 And how are you going about the publishing, if you don’t mind me asking?

    1. Bob T Panda

      I’m glad you asked. I will launch a Kickstarter project around the last week of August, which will act as kind of a “pre-order” opportunity for the book. I don’t know if you are familiar with Kickstarter, but it is a crowd source funding platform. (Bob and Mehitabel will explain it in more detail later this week.) In essence, people will pledge their support at whatever level that they are comfortable with, and at $25 or so (I haven’t set the exact price yet, as I need a little more info on printing/shipping costs) people can order signed copies of the books. By doing it this way, I can get the funds I need in a fairly short period of time, so that I can do a the ‘stuff’ that needs to be done to get the cartoons ready.

      I plan to do the actual publishing through Create Space (another tentacle of Amazon, as is Kickstarter). Their P.O.D. price for black and white is quite reasonable, and after the Kickstarter campaign is over, I can sell the book through Amazon, and not have to do order fulfillment after the first big push.

      Thanks for your support (and I plan to get to that ‘award stuff’ later this week.!)

      1. mskatykins

        Excellent, thanks for explaining – I think it’s very exciting. A few people have asked me about the Spineless Wonders and if I’d consider doing a book sometime. My two answers have always been, hmm, I’m not sure they’re good enough and, hmm, I have no idea how to go about it! 🙂

        1. Bob T Panda

          After I go through the process at Create Space, I’d be glad to share any “wisdom” I acquire. For starters, I’s suggest checking out their site (it’s a division of amazon) and seeing how you might format your book. It’s rather exciting to contemplate, as I’ve been thinking about it for a couple years. (pandas don’t do things quickly, which could explain why we are endangered)

  2. Norma Cooper

    When, Where, and How do we order at he first possible moment. I was thinking that I need to get one for a friend and one for my daughter and granddaughters, but at $25 each I just cannot afford that. Now I figure I need to buy one for me, lend dit to my pal in town (after I have done with the giggiling over my CUPPYCAKES) and keep it safe until my Daughter moves in with usin 8 or 9 years. Does that sound okay from the cheap si de of town????? Love everything you do….Grammmie

    1. Bob T Panda

      That’s not EXACTLY the front cover, as I need to add my name (:-) and a few other details, but that is the idea I have in mind. What’s black and white and red all over? The Panda Chronicles! Huzzah! also I think I’m going with a square format as I’ve been playing with how the cartoons actually fit on the page, as until the last year and a half, my sizes were um…somewhat irregular. (I am NOT and engineer! :o)


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