Why Should Babette Have All The Fun?

Mehitabel, Cat

Everyone (well, several people at any rate) had so much fun with their Babette de Panda paper dolls, that I thought I should continue with the other characters from Your Brain on Pandas.  Lest we not forget that originally, this cartoon was  The Cat’s Pajamas and starred Mehitabel and the late, unlamented MeeMeej, before those *###$^&%!!! pandas took over.  So for the next paper doll for you to cut out and take with you in your travels, we proudly present: Mehitabel!  I should note that we are not currently running a contest for the best photos, but we always are eager to see what our creations are up to when they get off on their own with their new friends!  Babette had so much fun on her travels, making friends all over the world, and we had almost as much fun seeing her photos!   I should also note, that although Babette seems to be the only panda who dresses up regularly, you should feel free to make clothes for the other characters or even color them in.  (In real life, Mehitabel is a calico!  I’m just too lazy to color her in after all the cross-hatching I do to draw the dark parts on a panda.)

Cats Rule!

Mehitabel (taking over, temporarily,  from Bob T. Panda while he has a little chat with the panda kindergarten!)

4 thoughts on “Why Should Babette Have All The Fun?

  1. chasbelov

    The Cat’s Pajamas? This was new news to me, and apparently it’s news to Google as well. Or rather, it isn’t news to Google as Google can’t seem to find anything when I search for The Cat’s Pajamas, Mehitabel (which my browser wants to correct to Mehetabel) and Meejmeej.

    Any links? Classic cartoon posts?

    1. Bob T Panda

      Well, The Cat’s Pajamas days were long before I was ever on the internet, so it’s no wonder you couldn’t find it. This does not lessen Mehitabel’s resentment towards the pandas, however.


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