Who’s that knocking at my door….

Just a reminder, that in Pandyland, this is all taking place on the same day.

Were you waiting for something?

Knock knock…Who’s there?

How about that! Bikkie got his wish!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

Did everyone remember to celebrate Pinky’s Birthday on Monday? Did you have cake? Get her presents?

And there is yet more excitement yet to come on Thursday, when Bebe Maurice unveils his masterpiece!

4 thoughts on “Who’s that knocking at my door….

  1. Vicky V

    Those expressions on Bikkie’s face! Bikkie being snuggled by Mister Poppee melted my heart. 🙂 Now for the unveiling of zee masterpiece!!

  2. Gloria DeFalco

    Awww, this one brought a little tear to my eye – to see the delight on Bikkie’s lil birthday face.


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