While we wait for the arrival of the Scottish pandas….

Of course we know that Tian Tian and Yang Guang are not actually Scottish,  I mean, it’s not like they are some exotic variation on Scottish Terriers, after all.  But still, our heart starts to go pitter patter just a bit when we think of pandas gracing the British Isles once again.  As you know, pandas have trod these paths before, and not so very long ago at that.  Am I speaking of Chi Chi, who lived at the London Zoo from 1958 until her death in 1972?  Why no! I’m speaking of the Torch Bears recent visit to Westminster Cathedral to start their round the world journey back to London for the 2012 (Panda) Olympic Games!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

3 thoughts on “While we wait for the arrival of the Scottish pandas….

  1. Linda McCoy

    Who in their right mind would throw the pandas out? I’d throw out the dignitaries and bring in more pandas. Yay

    1. Anne Belov

      Yes indeed! That’s what I would have done! Unfortunately the guys with the big fuzzy hats didn’t see it that way. Personally, I think more pandas would have made a more entertaining event!


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