Where No Panda Fears to Tread


Recent news on panda misconduct reached our enquiring minds last week, when news of Bai Yun’s misconstrued expression of affection gave the mistaken impression that maybe, just maybe, Bai Yun took the tiniest nip of her attendants’s leg.  Really tiny, we swear.  “Lunch was late.”  claims Bai Yun.  “I just don’t know what all the fuss is about!”

Bai Yun will be appearing on the Mehitabel Tonite! show later this month, for a special show called, “Pandas who might be the tiniest bit Naughty”  Check your local listings!

And a big pandy thank you to our newest subscribers! Be the Bear!!!!!!

See ya next time!

Power to the pandas!!!!!

Bob T. Panda

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