Where No Cat Has Gone Before….A Journey to the Center of….Bob’s Brain

It is a really um…dangerous thing to suggest things to me sometimes, because you never know where they will lead.  Today the “responsibility” lies with panda videographer extraordinaire, Doxiemom Pandamonium, for carelessly stating, “Boy I’d like to be inside your brain for a day.”  Ask, and sometimes, you shall receive!

What's that stuff getting all over my paws?  Oh...it's frosting!

What’s that stuff getting all over my paws? Oh…it’s frosting!

Remember, if a news story is the sort that would make it to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on NPR, it is probably something we can make fun of with pandas!  Feel free to leave news stories or suggestions in the comments.  I won’t use them all, but you never know how a chance remark will react in a brain filled with cream cheese frosting.  Huzzah!

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Tune in Wednesday for the next episode of Mr. Wu’s newest adventure!

Till then, be the bear!

Bob T. Panda

PS: I’m pretty sure that you don’t get into a panda’s brain just by getting really, really tiny and crawling in through their ear.  Science was never my strong suit.


4 thoughts on “Where No Cat Has Gone Before….A Journey to the Center of….Bob’s Brain

  1. Linda McCoy

    Great look inside your brain. It could be worse, I”m glad you let us off easy. I’m having a terrible allergy time this spring. Guess I’ll just pretend my brain is full of frosting..not s__t. Ha


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