What? A New Character?

Our new character probably needs a little introduction. Last year I was messing around making felty pandas, and I made one that kind of looked like a nun (wearing pink!) I knew it couldn’t be Pinky, so I decided her name was Sister Mary Fluffy (calling her by her initials may get your mouth washed out with soap!) I also decided that she needed to go to a home that was more…um…fitting of her status than my home, so I sent her off to live in Virginia with the spiritual advisor to the Panda Chronicles.

I had hoped that she would lead a quiet contemplative life, but if you are a follower of either #TheBearchelorette or #BearchelorInParadise on the Twidders, you might have bumped into Sister M.F. (see? what did I tell you?) mixing drinks down at the bar. She has also been a regular player in a little behind the scenes Panda Improv!

But let’s introduce her, and find out more about the good Sister…

“Can I put a little something in my cocoa?”

Stay ‘tooned! More to come next week!

Don’t forget to ‘toon in on Sunday, when we have the concluding installment of A Halloween Carol, as well as some of our favorite Halloween ‘toons!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

10 thoughts on “What? A New Character?

  1. kodechrome

    Granted, I love Pinky and I love Sherlock Holmes, so I was pretty much destined to love this story, but I love this story. I love it when Pinky stands on her chair to talk. I love it when Bikkie jumps to Beary Poppins for comfort. I love it when… certain bears… hide under the table. I love a nun with attitude. I love when Bikkie offers cocoa for comfort (and when nuns add a little something…). And now an action scene! Landslide at the convent! I’m so excited. Ping!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      It might be Sherlock Holmes crossed with The Sound of Music with a little Pandamonium thrown in for good measure! Also, Pinky had to stand on the chair to make everyone listen to her. Don’t tell mommee!

  2. Janie C.

    I love Sister Mary Fluffy! Please let her stay. I think she will be a good influence on all the bears and she could mix Mama Mei’s bootinis, and join her so Mama doesn’t have to drink alone. I went to 11 years of Catholic school and I loved all the nuns. It never occurred to me that they were pouring anything but altar wine in the convent! Can’t wait for the next installment of “The Bears of the Baskervilles”.

  3. June H.

    Sister M. F. — LOL! An unexpected twist for sure! And I love Bikkie telling the new “guest” hi and his name — so sweet!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Bikkie wants to make sure, as the smallest panda in the house, that we don’t forget he is there. as if we could forget our Liddle Biscuit! We live for the unexpected twist. In fact, we have no idea what the next twist will be! In the meantime, Sunday we have the conclusion to a Halloween Carol!

  4. AnneLane Witt

    Sister M.F. is the gift that keeps on giving!! PS: You might need to send booze and/or her felty cocktail shaker. 🤣🤣


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