We Are at the Beginning of a Mass Extinction

If you haven’t already listened to/watched Greta Thunberg’s speech to the UN yet, I suggest you do so immediately. As expected, the right wing climate deniers immediately started attacking her. I can’t imagine having her passion and commitment, to speak to an international audience with such composure. I can’t  listen to this speech and not weep and feel guilty.

How about you? We R All Endangered.

Guess who’s back!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

Psst! Fellow cartoonie alert! Stacey DeHay, close personal friend to Ellie and Edmond has a new coloring book out! Color animals and have fun! Coloring is almost as relaxing as watching panda videos. (maybe you can do both at the same time! You can find it HERE!

4 thoughts on “We Are at the Beginning of a Mass Extinction

  1. billieandhersite

    I love Greta Thunberg! I have ordered the coloring book because I need it. We are all endangered! After heat waves in the mid nineties, do not tell me that there are no problems in climate change! This brave little girl. Keep those bears hidden, and tell them no more joy rides
    in other people’s cars!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Aw! You are so sweet to order Stacey’s coloring book. She is a pandarific person and a friend to pandas, horses and elephants, among others. We need all the calming we can get! cheers!
      Frank and Mikey…um…pinky promise that they *might* not go for any more joy rides. *mebbee*

  2. Aimee W

    I remember giving an impassioned speech to my Junior English class about what was then called The Greenhouse Effect and species extinction. That was 46 years ago. Greta Thunberg is my hero. The fact that she has Aspergers really is a super power because she is not swayed by false emotion. Her anger made me weep and my heart hurt. I know i won’t be alive in 2050, but I want the future to be better for life on Earth, not worse.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Greta really is a super hero in my book. I agree that her Aspbergers keeps her from, at least outwardly, appearing cowed by all these self interested adults who want to squash her passion like a bug. Even if they scare her (and I don’t think they do, I mean, she crossed the Atlantic in a sailboat) she doesn’t let them stop her, and isn’t that the real meaning of courage: going forward with what you know is right and moral, when forces of evil are conspiring against you.
      She made me weep. The naysayers fill me with anger. I, too, want a better life for those here on earth after I’m gone.


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