The Return of Mittens

Remember Mittens the Cat? Bob’s nemesis (or is that nematode?) of the 2012 election? Well, he’s back, and he has a new fur-do as well as a general makeover, to make him look…um…like maybe just the teeny tiniest bit like one of the current crop of political candidates. The return of Mittens will make Pinky look positively …um…reasonable.  Is that even possible? I can’t believe I said that!

Stay tuned.

It is too much to BEAR!

It is too much to BEAR!

Meanwhile, in other cat based humor, my brother sent me a link for what may possible be the most disgusting (but kind of funny) thing I have ever heard of. And before you ask, I will not be supporting their Kickstarter campaign. Some things should just NOT be encouraged.

I hope you stick around for Fabulous Furry Friday, when we will revisit the previous appearances of Mittens the cat. (Not to be confused with Mehitabel.)

See you then!

Be the Bear

Bob T Panda

8 thoughts on “The Return of Mittens

  1. Gina Koo

    Oh dear! I hope we won’t have a repeat of 2012. That was not a pretty sight at all, for both cat and panda. I wonder what Pinky would say to having another candidate to “beat down”.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I believe that Pinky may be the only panda up to the challenge. And I think that the 2012 mittens/Bob debacle will seem like Sunday School compared to this year’s …um….debacle. There is no other word for it. Stay tuned, and maybe keep your security blankie handy, in case you need a time out if it all gets too scary.


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