The Million Panda March

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a million pandas available to march? I know they would all be ready to go! Because pandas are not strangers to protests! I attended our small, (comparatively speaking) local march, because I did not feel comfortable going into Seattle, where they were expecting 10’s of thousands of people. At 4 PM on Saturday, the day of the march, estimates of attendance was at about 200,000. That’s people, not pandas. We don’t have any pandas here.

At our own event in Langley, I was expecting maybe 50 old hippies wearing tie-dye t-shirts, but lo and behold, when I arrived at the starting point, I could see maybe a couple hundred people milling around. I was waiting with one friend, who was waiting for her daughter, and after chatting with her for about 15 minutes as people filed past, I decided to hop in when I saw some other friends who had joined the march. As we turned onto the route, you could see that the entire street was full, with 10-12 people across, going all the way down to the corner, and already turning the corner, with almost as many people behind us. Unofficial estimates of attendance are at around 2,000. There aren’t that many people that live in town!

But pandas are no strangers to protest!

Pandas aren’t dopes!

The early days of panda rights groups….

panda bites man who hugged him

“I felt so violated!”

And here is a photo of our gathering in Langley. Huzzah! It didn’t rain, and I marched, picked up my mail, and was home in under 2 hours. You can’t beat that!


Women’s March, Langley edition!

Panda On!
Never give up working for peace and human …um…I mean panda rights!
Bob T Panda

18 thoughts on “The Million Panda March

      1. Cathy Roglitz

        I live in the city that originated the protests in the 60’s against the Vietnam war. We were home to the SDS! Saturday it was like old times. We wondered who would show up at our rally in Ann Arbor and what would be our final numbers. The answer was quick! The “sisters of the sixties” are alive and well! As Debbie Dingall (our Rep in DC) said, I was a protester in the 60’s, but, I never thought I would be protesting when I AM in my 60’s”! The best part was, the other half + were students at the University of Michigan. We “sisters” were their “hero’s”! Who would have thought..We have a wonderful symbiotic relationship with the students…on Saturday our marchers numbered 12,000 with a mile long “parade” that went across the entire street. My guesstimate of 2500 way off. With our students taking the lead on our march and now their follow-up, we are in good hands. We stand at the ready!

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          I’m so proud of all of us (especially those of us now in our 60’s! I am totally stealing that line!) and so encouraged that the students came out in support. We are going to need all the commitment we can muster. Huzzah! We shall overcome.
          Distressing reports (checked on several news sites) that journalist were arrested and charged with “felony rioting” at the inauguration protests. Just for being in the vicinity of some violent conduct. This is not good.

  1. Winky Cat

    We was with you in spirit too! Cee had a cold, it was rainy around da Philly area, so she couldn’t go. Love all da ‘toons, but Bob’s “straight from prison” rendition of “Blowing in da Bamboo” the bestest! *high paws*

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Heh! He can really belt out those old folk songs! Digging out the tie-dye and getting ready to protest! Last time I protested, it was in the 60’s. Now I’m protesting again IN MY 60’s. geez.

      1. Winky Cat

        Let us know when Bob’s “Live From Panda Prison” CD is released.

        Well, I guess you’ve heard who’s arriving in downtown Philly today, cooties and all. Tee hee, so sorry we won’t be in town, not sure our haz-mat suits are strong to ward off whatever might be falling from dat dead rodent on his head!

        Anywho, we’re heading to Chevy Chase to visit an Aunt and then to da NZ to see da Tian-Xiang Family, before a wall is built around DC.

        HAHA, I have a couple of tie-dye t-shirts, must remember to pack them to wear while in DC, with a “#wepreferpinky” sign. Yeah, I’m right there with you, turned 68 a few weeks ago!

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          I’m glad you are getting out of town before “you know who” comes to town. Say hi to Pinky and Bubba and the ‘rents for me! Keep those has mat suits handy! You never who will be lurking around, thinking about how they might use our pandas to get what they want from China.


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