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I Really Could Not Make This Up

I rely on my astute readers to alert me to important stories and this one is one of those stories. I mean, if I had made it up, y’all would be doing some serious eye rolling and questioning whether I had lost it.

At a school board meeting in Midland Michigan, a parent complained that she did not think the school should be encouraging students who think they are cats, by putting litter boxes in the (unisex) restrooms. A GOP state legislator posted her outrage on her Facebook page. The school principal was not amused. You can read the story here:

At least they put them in the unisex restrooms so that ANY cat could use them!

In other NooZ, we are VERY excited that the White House has finally fulfilled their most important campaign promise, which is, of course, to put a cat on the payroll! As to that other campaign promise, if you read my Twidder threads, you already know what I think. Oh wait… I can’t keep my mouth shut, which will not go well if the fascists take over. Personally, I think the GOP is afraid that by putting an intelligent, accomplished, COMPETENT, and experienced Black woman on the SCOTUS, she will show how unqualified all of TFG’s appointments are, not to mention the Representatives and Senators that are wetting their pants over the very idea.

And speaking of fascists between the book banning (can burning be far behind?), the nazi rallies, and the completely unreasonable demands on teachers, I am trying really hard to hold on to hope. Boy do I need a nap!

Keep being the Bear (while we can! No litter box for YOU!!!)
Bob T Panda