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I Won’t Grow Up!

Panda Satire fans should be reassured, that like many fictional characters, (I, as the omniscient narrator and manipulator of my imaginary panda universe have decreed,) Princess Pinky will remain a willful, out of control, delightful toddler in these pages. Well, I might let her age a little bit, but the best jokes are (for the moment, at least) predicated on her cubbyhood status.

DC panda fans have occasionally pointed out that there is a mouse or two that shares the panda habitat, and they have named him “Larry.” What better advisor could Pinky have as she transitions to her big girl life? Her own Jiminy Cricket, so to speak.

What could be better than a bear and her mouse?

What could be better than a bear and her mouse?

Children’s literature is full of characters that won’t grow up, Peter Pan being the most famous. Why should Pinky be any different?

If you missed it on Sunday, I hope you’ll hop over to Inspokes to read my interview about Pandamorphosis. There be Pandas, indeed!

Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda

Don’t forget! Friday is International Polar Bear Day! Join us as we present encore presentations of our polar bear collection!

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

…between moms and baby pandas, especially for all of us watching Bao Bao and her mom Mei Xiang. Let’s be clear here: Pandas do not live in family units, and after cubs reach the point where they can eat bamboo like a big bear, it’s time for them to seek their fortune in the real world.

It is rather disconcerting for the folks watching at home on their panda cams, especially because the relationship between cubs and their mom is so sweet…at least, just before the time mom turns around and runs them off, sometimes quite aggressively. Parting is such sweet sorrow, only in the movies, not among bears.

But that’s in real life, and this is Panda Satire!

Just a reminder: repeat after me: this is fiction.

Just a reminder: repeat after me: this is fiction.

Does Pinky have a new friend and confidant? Stay tuned, oh panda satire fans!

BTW: I was just interviewed on The Inspokes blog, a blog for writers and illustrators of books for children. I hope you’ll pop over and give my interview about Pandamorphosis a read.


Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda