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Woo hoo! More Pandas (and Cats!) for Launch week of Book 2 of the Panda Chronicles!

As I noted yesterday, I am humbled and pleased by the wonderful reviews that some of YOU, panda satire fans extraordinaire, have shared on Amazon. I admit (like most authors, even those who aren’t pandas) to having a love /hate relationship with Amazon. I adore my local bookshop, Moonraker Books, in beautiful downtown Langley, and do 99% of my book buying there.  But, Langley is a small town, and if I want to achieve WORLD PANDA SATIRE DOMINATION, not to mention encourage the MacArthur Foundation to add Panda Satire to their list of supported genres, well, we have to take our pandas on the road, as it were.

I hope you will add your voice to those who have already stepped up and said, “Yes!  We love panda satire!  Be the Bear!  Where are the cuppycakes?” Thanks!

Also, I’ve been around and about on the Internet, this time writing a guest post for the fabulous blog, Cordelia Calls it Quits.   I love Cordelia’s posts, which speak to my inner panda (also she has a thing for pandas as well, so, I was thrilled to be asked to write something for her. Check it out here!

And now, will Mehitabel escape from the panda kindergarten?

Run,kitty, run!

Run,kitty, run!

Don’t forget!  It’s launch week here at The Panda Chronicles and you can still use this code


to get 20% off your book when you buy it from my e-store!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda