Some results from our photo contest!

Welcome to Fun…With…Pandas!  The show where YOUR photos can win you valuable prizes!  In our original concept of the idea, we thought that the costumes themselves would be the focus of the project.  We quickly realized that the settings in which people photographed Babette and the stories that they made up about her “visit” to the photographer’s locale was the REAL story.

I’m going to share a few of the photos that have been submitted to us at Bob T. Panda’s face book page.  If you are one of the wise people who have resisted FB’s siren song, send me a message here and I will privately contact you and give you an email address to submit pictures of your Babette de Panda paper doll.  Extra points are awarded for creative stories of Babette’s escapades as she rampages around the world.

This brilliant story came from Babette’s hostess in NYC at the Famed Rockefeller Plaza Ice Rink:

I’m almost afraid to report–I lost sight of her for a few minutes and then heard cheers and applause as she apparently whirled and twirled her way around the rink. As i fought my way through the crowd, she climbed over the wall and I whisked her away lest she be overwhelmed by the adulation.

Thank you Frances, that was inspired, to say the least.

Prior to arriving in NYC, Babette had a whirlwind visit to Singapore where her very good friend Lucilla not only took her shopping ( Bob’s VISA card is still smoking) but also to a fabulous holiday concert at a very fancy concert hall, and then out to dinner.  (Note to Babette from Bob: Did you have to put the dinner tabs for EVERYONE in the restaurant on my AmEx card?)

babette in singapore

At least she did not take cabs everywhere and occasionally took public transit.

And before she headed out for her around the world journey, she took a few days to relax on the southern California’s Malibu Beach. (oops, sorry, can’t find that photo right now!)

I hope everyone who was waiting for inspiration gets their entries in by our December 31, 2011 deadline for the 1st round of our contest! there will be actual prizes awarded, so don’t delay!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

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