Pinky and Bob

Okay, politico fans! Today Pinky and Bob go panda-a-pando on the debate stage. I can hardly wait!

But first, I must report on last weekend’s Pandamonium 2016 Panda Convention which took place at the San Diego Zoo. Panda fans from around the world (literally) gathered in San Diego (or as we like to call it: Pandiego) to greet old friends, meet new friends, and most of all, visit the pandas at the SDZ. Mr. Wu was in rare form, eating, sleeping, rushing around wildly (Note to Wu: watch your panda nip intake!) and some of us who indulged in the Early Morning with Pandas tour even got to see Gao Gao, who although getting up in years, still let it be known that he is the bear.

Panda fans came to Pandiego from Singapore, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland. They came from New York, Maine, Pennsylvania, Washington state, Florida, and Arizona, in addition to those from California. In case you are counting along on your fingers, that’s FIVE countries and FOUR continents. And…ahem…they also came to hear yours truly speak about the history (well, my history, anyway) of panda satire and how The Panda Chronicles came to be.

If you had to miss the fun in Pandiego, you can still read the tale of panda satire (with pictures, no less!) by signing up for my mailing list! I will send out the link and secret password to the page: From Pandapiphany to Princess Pinky: Finding my Inner Panda. If you are already on the mailing list, I will be sending out a newsletter next week, and if you aren’t, you’ll have time to sign up for it. This is separate from the regular blog posts, and is the second sign-up box on the upper right column headed: Get Even More Pandas and never fear, you won’t be inundated with daily or even weekly emails. Honest.

Okay…with no further folderol….

Hey! That's not fair!!!!

Hey! That’s not fair!!!!

Be the Bear
Bob T. Panda

14 thoughts on “Pinky and Bob

  1. candygai

    ï suddenly have the urge to eat pink marshmallows. For breakfast. If hate marshmallows. I can’t explain it. Must find a panda to cuddle. That Pinkster.

  2. Ann Feldman

    Somehow it was a given that Pinky would drag in the kid..kinda like some of the hooman candidates. Will Pinky ever stop calling Bubba Boo Boo?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Pinky makes use of all of her assts. as to whether Pinky will stop calling Bubba ” Boo Boo” your guess is as good as mine. :-)))

  3. Vicky V

    Nothing like a baby panda to make you forget what your original question was! Boo Boo – I mean Bubba – is proving quite the campaign asset for young Pinky 🙂

  4. moxiesaurus

    I take it the Early Morning with Pandas is totally worth it? We’ll be seeing the SD Panda family next week and I’m trying to talk my husband into it!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I thought it was worth it. We got to go in early, and the tour guides, Sara and Selena, were fabulous. Very knowledgable about all parts of the zoo. We got to go behind the scenes to the classroom exhibit, which is where off exhibit pandas or baby pandas on limited display have outdoor space. Gao Gao favored us with his presence. We also got to stand in a more private viewing area to see Mr. wu and were not hurried along with the general panda viewing population. We then went on a short tour of a couple other areas of the zoo, to see the elephants and giraffes. Some people elected to stay at the panda exhibit when the rest of us went to see the elephants. All in all, completely worth it!


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